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Thread: 1530 Campaign Uesugi set to fall

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    Last night just for kicks I took Uesugi in the 1530 campaign on standard level. I was attacked heavily by the Ronin in the surounding areas of my home area. I was also attacked and driven out of Musashi by Hojo. What I couldnt understand is how Hojo could throw such a large force into Musashi so I started over and took Hojo. I didnt make a move and was shocked when Uesugi was knocked out of the game by the summer of 1531. I did the same thing 7 times with the same results.

    None of the other clans seemed to have this trouble so I started trying to figure out just was was so different for the Uesugi. Well I found it. All of the clans other than Uesugi start with 7 combat units while Uesugi starts with only 4. The AI will pull all of its units into Musashi, lose its home base, try and take back its home base with all units and fail, then not be able to retreat because the Ronin have taken Musashi while hes away. Hes dead. The missing 3 units kill the AI and sure as hell dont help a human player.
    Also, the ronin stack that ends up in Uesugi's home area tends to be 9 to 11 units large.

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    i've often had frustration at playing uesugi in the 130 campaign. time and again i've quit without getting far.but now i'm doing well, after several false starts, and here are some things i think that made a difference.
    i allied with some of my neighbors, selectively. this time i allied with takeda and not hojo, figuring i'd be spendingmy efforts attacking hojo and ronin. i spent a large amount of money building my army slowly, often with years going by without any activity. hojo attacks me, as usual, and i defend. i win and his army is now depleted and his neighboring province is ripe for counterattck. i attack and my ally sends a force to help. without this piece of luck i would never have made it. so ther it is, ally with neighbors so that it buys you some time to build up your own armies, buy out neighboring ronin to get heir armies (some have monks in them) and buy time slowly (i do mean slowly) building up those provinces that are rich.
    i've had the hardest time ever with uesugi in the 1530 campaign, and the odds really are against you. i agree with you that an AI controlled uesugi is probably not set up well enough to insure future survival.


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