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    I have noticed that at least with the Hojo and Shimazu clan , that at some point in the game they stop haveing hiers. Thus in any game that goes for the long haul for whatever reason you can lose by all Daimyo's dieng of old age and no hiers. this is like a flexible time limit to the game. AM not sure how I feel about that. ANyone else come across the same thing? I believe that the game use to make sure you allways had hiers to prevent this from happening.

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    Ps is there a list anywhere of differant clan hiers when available and notable generals?

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    Yes, there is definitely a limited number of heirs. They are historical people, who are born when they really were, and after that it's up to you to see them through until you can win the game.

    There is no list of notable generals (they appear to be random at least to some degree, although there's no solid research), but the heir list is here.

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    Anssi are you sure that in MI SP Sengoku campaigns, this list (original Shogun) is still the same?
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    My daimyo was killed by the Takeda Geisha and all my heirs are not spared !!! My powerful army broked out into minority clans...!!!! sad...


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