Well.. the word is that CA is "working" on a patch - what is not known is WHAT is being addressed.

I just finished a quite ugly battle - me as ronin - against the Horde. Hojo was dead - he just didnt know it. I held a river - and had just enough upgraded sam's to hold the crossing against the MHC... The first group of 16 were routed - and more units appeared... anyone wanna guess where?
I got 5 units of MLC, 2 groups of Guardsmen and Skirmishers, and 1 spearman all granted access to MY side of the river - guess what - the bloody mongols ALSO got 1 unit of skirmishers and spearmen on THIER side of the river. I tried to hold my side - but I lacked cavalry and my archers were nearly out of arrows... Perhaps a trip to the other side of the river is required - but I say this right now for all to hear. If there is one thing in the SP that REQUIRES fixing - its reinforcements. To lose this battle as I did - having withstood 3 MHC units, plus killing their general, only to see it all go south due to enemies unrealisticly appearing at my rear - this was too much.

I know there are alot of issues we clamoured about - but I still say, especially after that battle - that the first and foremost requirement is a fix for the reinforcements.

I can only hope they do right by us....
If anyone has any definite word on WHAT the patch is fixing - and is allowed to tell us - please do.

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