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Thread: Idea for new type of comp

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    I would like to suggest an idea for comp (1v1 2v2 or 3v3). It has been some time since we have competition (the last one being the clan comp?)

    Sun Tze placed much emphasis on the ability of the general to appreciate the terrain and to use the terrain to his advantage.

    The comp I am proposing is to use new maps, all undisclosed until the actual comp itself. It is released to the players involved when they meet up for the comp, probably give them 10-20 min to familiarise. Then it's off to battle! This will really test and gauge how good is one's ability in adapting to new terrain condition quickly, as well as choosing the right army makeup.

    It will have to involve a couple of map editing guys like Tosa to give variation of popular terrain like Totomi (instead of a hump there, how about a hump here?! hmm..).

    Just my five cent. The new patch really inspire me!

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    i would suggest a further improvement

    we make a list of 10-20 balanced armies and every player can just pick one of them for a battle... in that way even the mongols can be balanced.
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    Both very good ideas ...let's just hope someone makes the big effort of putting them into practise

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    Yep i like both ideas, especially the balanced armies one.


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