..and we'd been shouting that SP campaigns in M1 have been far too easy, until we get this patch. So guys, notice anything different besides the obvious changes to Multiplayer?

1) Reinforcements come in from the enemy side now.
2) I still cannot play mongol vs. mongol on custom battles.
3) AI still does not attack me via ports even though my port provinces are still void of troops.

One thing I notice for sure, in battles, and I want to confirm this with the lads here....

AI has become a lot more aggresive and 'smarter' in fighting the campaign battles. Twice I got massacred to bits because of their superior deployment and defence strategies (shinano, to be exact)..when I usually triumph over them with a 2:1 advantage. Short of re-loading the game again without the patch and replaying it...have you guys noticed anything similar ??
4) Cost of musketeers in SP is 350...wasn't that the same as before the patch or was I mistakenly expecting more expensive musketeers?

On the aside, perhaps we need a patch called 'VIAGRA' for our old daimyos to continue to procreate more often .. i mean, what's the worest thing other than defeat on campaigns, if there are not heirs to play anymore?