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Thread: Favorite Army Balances?

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    What are you favorite army combo?
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    Elves and Dunedáin.
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    3 archers, 4 muskets, 4 Naginata, 3 Yari Cac and 2 Battlefield Ninja's. This is if I am defensive.

    On offense - I like to go with:
    4 Yari Cav, 4 Cav Archers, 4 Monks and 4 Naginata Cav. - All fast, hard hitting units.
    Against most ppl - expecially the monk/musket combo lot... this is a easy army to win with - use the 4 cav archers to pelt the monks and thin them down a bit - which will have your opponent move his ranged weapons forward - keep backing away, until he either stretches his forces, or your out close to - but not out of - ammo. Then use the CA to circle him - his monks facing your monks and naginata cav - his muskets facing your yari and CA - charge your monks and NC at his monks - while you have superior numbers - he will respond in one of 2 ways - either turn his muskets to fire at the chargers - which you then charge his muskets from the rear with the CA and YC - and laugh when he routs before he can say "OH SH*T!", or he refuses to be baited - and keeps a watch on your quick cav - if he does this - your naginata cav and monks will beat his - as you have numbers and the good cav on your side - once you do this - the remaining units can then attack the muskets from the rear - will not be enough to rout them immediately - but will be enough to get them focused so you can rear-charge them then.

    If your going up against an honorable opponent - you can still pull off a win - but its a hard one to do - but most of the time you play online - and you dont know the person - expect monks/muskets.

    The defensive army is excellent against a monk/musket combo - get some height and watch em fall - place the muskets in 3 ranks - above that the archers in 2 ranks - backed by naginata - few YC ready to charge - and sneak your BN into his rear - when he is concentrating on his front - tear into his monks or muskets when he isnt looking - 2 BN can demolish a couple of monks - 3 or 4 muskets easy. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Against a honorable foe - the defensive army is still well balanced to provide good distance firepower, along with great defensive infantry (with the naginata) as needed - and the outriding YC is useful for taking advantage and pushing thru in counterattacks when the timing is right.

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    what game do you get elves on?
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    A balanced army is the best army you can get

    I love attacking. And I take attacking, fast shock troops. And throughout over a year I got this now-standard army:

    4/5 guns , 4/5 monks , 4 nods , 1/2 ca , 1yc , 1 ys


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    ok i admitt it i am a rusher. . come on we spice up opnline play! come on don't we? well anyway. .

    i been rushing 4 ages and ages and in 1v1's that what i normally do except if i know it won't work aginst that particular player. . so i will take mainly guns and monks!

    but in team games i get a balanced army. . 2 cav arch guns. .monks dachi etc!

    not gonna give away any more info!

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