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    In the next patch I would like to see the AI enemy armies act like armies instead of mobs. The taisho charge still happens it seems, the Ai rarely seems to get their archer/guns co-ordinated and the massed frontal assault into missile fire seems to be it's only tactic. If you play a custom game its the same thing on any difficulty even if you stack the odds against yourself (most of the time anyhow). I know the transition from campaign/custom games to online play was quite a shock

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    Another thing (at least with STW) is when you attack the AI they dont do anything xept put their archers in the front line ,and use the same tactic every battle ,kinda boring
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    while it may seem like mob tactics, there are differences (btw, if you play on Easy or Normal difficulty, you may get less refined AI tactics).
    I've seen the AI do a few things: split its forces for ambush attacks, attack then feign retreat to gain higher ground (baiting), flank attacks, and archer/musket dueling.
    Face it, there are only so many choices available in what always ends up to front-lines-clash outcomes. Never thought I'd ever defend the AI (yes, there's always room for improvement) but seldom have I never had an entertaining battle with reasonable armies involved.

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    One thing I have noticed is that the AI clumps its taishos together. For may have a good army with a rank 4 general in it...but it may also have two rank 3 generals in it as well representing some various units...Meanwhile, it attacks me with a large army with a rank 1 general...Why doesn't the AI take one of those rank 3 generals, put it in that army with the rank 1 general and make it more effective?
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