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    First of all, when playing a friendly game is it neccesary to get so upset at your allies? Totomi, probably the most played map in this game. Fair and even for both sides. Playing a 4v4 game is exciting and fun. Yes, you lose one Army then your side will have to struggle. the set up for this map sends one of your group by themself to be jumped by opposing forces. I am talking about the middle left defender here. Should that player hold out or retreat to the rest of his or her group to then hold the line and attack all as one. Last night I was playing a 4v4 and the player in this position, a very skilled one at that, got jumped. He/she engaged the enemy and was creamed. player beside them went to try to help. I sent 3 units to try to help. The far player sent none. We had to hold the line. just what is expected from allies in such a big player game. Do we all give up our places and risk being flanked to help or do we hold out and hold the line. this player got very upset and regarded us as traitors to the team, because we were not sending every unit to help. Yes, he/she needed help, but there were more enemies to contend with. A friendly game that turned sour, maybe. No one deserves to be ridiculed for doing what they seem to think is right or wrong. We all play different and some are just a bit to concearned about kills more than winning.

    let me know what you think of this. i am not cross at them but in no way do I desrve to be bitched at continuously while I play because that person got screwed.

    I feel better now, whew...

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    I actualy like being that player It's nice to turn a grim situation into a major victory - often the enemy gets careless when they outnumber you. Kick a few units where it hurts and mop em up.. Get one army running with the other closeby , and victory is yours if you play it out well. Got to take the occasional beating too though. But both sides start with that same problem.

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    The hard decision you have to make in these kind of games is either to help your ally or hold the line. What l do is. If you think that the enemy has the upper hand and your ally is about to flee don't send heml it will only reduce yer men morale and drive the battle to where the others want. In these kind of games you should see how to make major damage and win the game either then wasting men in a lost battle.
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    I think it's preferable for the forward ally to set up at the back of his/her zone. Even so, the ally behind has to come up fast or else the forward ally should fall back if the enemy is aggressive. The plan, attack or hold the line, should be determined before the battle starts. An army set up forward can work if the allies come up quickly, and can hit the enemy in the flanks as the enemy tries to finish off the exposed ally. However, if I set up forward and don't make that plan know to my allies, I can't really expect them to rush forward with everything. That amounts to trying to force your allies hand by your own play. If you have agreed on a commander beforehand, then you should do as commanded. Otherwise, the battle should be approached as a cooperative effort without any one taisho calling the shots.

    I enjoy both approaches. A pre-made plan that works as expected is nice, and a more flexible cooperative style of play is satisfying as well. If things don't go well, then we go over the battle later to see where we went wrong. That leaves the door open to playing with that player as an ally again.

    You will find players who do not make good allies because of their style of play. It's best to keep them on the other side of the fence as opponents. They can become very good opponents even if not good allies.

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