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Thread: community campaign for a server fix!

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    Reports are coming in the server is 'misbehaving' again...sigh...

    can you begin to imagine the fuss if the Battlenet server was as unpredictable as the EAPlay servers?

    If every time there is a glitch on the STW/WE/MI server's everybody uses this link -

    to POLITELY ask what is wrong, perhaps they'll get the message and get it all working correctly!

    It may be a long process, but being polite is the BEST way to accomplish anything with a company such as EA,
    they don't want their staff tied up answering the same questions week after week from us,
    so, sooner or later, they'll give the problem a higher priority simply because it WILL start costing them money in staff time, to investigate it over and over again.

    Remember we will accomplish Nothing if we are rude or aggressive, (and yes i would dearly love to say EXACTLY what i think), but we must simply pester them politely into fixing it!

    so use the above link, be polite and be persisitent, every time there is a problem use the link and ask what is wrong.

    i cannot stress enough how important it is not to be rude or agrro!

    and so it begins...


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    i followed TMS's link to tech help at EA,
    and during the last 3 hours have got 3 automated responses to ONE question,
    telling me someone will get back to me on the next business day!

    now i just got a new email telling me the addy TMS got was for the wrong section of, i have included the new link below, and i'll get hold of TMS later toady and get hime to edit his link accordingly,

    if enough of us hassle them every time there is a glitch, they will be spending plenty on wages for the dude who has to answer our questions,

    we'll either drive them insane and broke, or they'll buckle and fix it, just so we don't keep filling their database with questions!

    so use the link and ask why the server keeps shutting down,
    and when are the 2 databases getting merged,
    and why does it crack up if 50+ players are on at the same time,
    and anything else you guys can think of...

    the link is

    and be polite!

    DoragonBarocca of Clan Doragon

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