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Thread: My game crashes in the year 1566

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    I've been playing STW - Warlord edition (1.00) on the hardest level and it looked like I was winning. The problem is that the game crashes when I reach the year 1566. I have no clue why. Has anyone experienced anything similair?

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    Try 1.01 patch. Its a beta testing.

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    Damn, it still crashes. Maybe I have to start from the beginning again and forget my saved games. But if it happens again I will be so damn angry

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    Hi randall !!!

    A simple soulution is: complete the camp. before the ear is 1566.


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    you may have to go back a few save games,
    what causes the crash i have no idea,
    it does not appear to be limited to 1566,
    (i'll pay more attention next time it happens, and will start to collect the save games for future reference)
    also i have had a game go to 1590 successfully,

    i have seen random crashes occur when playing as Shimazu, in a variety of different years,
    most often when an heir comes of age, you make your movements for the turn and either during this phase - when you move or split a stack of units, or as soon as you hit 'end turn' the game folds to desktop,

    if going back to the last autosave does not work try going back 2 or 3 years,
    and keep the 'crash' savegame, just in case the developers want to try and figure out what is happening

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    Hey Randall, you probably already have the resolution set at 800x600, but if you have it set higher, that's a sure formula for crashes. I've played many games set at a higher res and had nothing happen until I reach a certain battle and save or no save theres no way I get to finish it.

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    I have the resulotion set to 1280*1024. Hmm, I might try all of the above suggestions. Thanks for helping out!


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