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Thread: Mod Time/Period and Units

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    Note that moding the early.txt/high.txt/late.txt timing will only effect a newly started campaign after the mod. It will not affect the current saved campaign.

    However the unit.txt changes will take effect immediately.

    I have made 2 simple changes to the normal campaign to enhance gameplay:

    1. I have added Joms Viking to the Danes faction as a normal unit (starting early period) available after the royal court is built.

    2. I have also changed all the early or early+high_period units to ALL_PERIODS. So that good but outdated units like vangarian guards can be produced thruout all the periods.

    Any noobs want this unit.txt mod can email me at


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    Greeting and warmest welcome DarkAngel9797. I hope more than noobs can get this stuff.

    I've copied your post to the Dungeon forum here.
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