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Thread: Golden Horde looking Anglo-Celtic!

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    Does anybody here know if there is a way to make the Golden Horde look Asian pagan instead of looking white? I’ve been looking around in MTW “startpos” folder trying to figure how to make changes but can’t figure out yet. Is this fixed in the Viking Invasion addon? Also, how do I add more troops to the Golden Horde when they arrive in 1231? I want my Turkish troops to face a huge Mongol army like around 150,000 to 300,000 when they arrive to make it more challenging. Is it possible to have more Mongol troops re-appear every year or two as reinforcements to their Mongol brethren already occupying Europe between year 1231 to 1240 like the reappearing pope or in STW:MI? Last question, can I get rid of the faction leader for the Golden Horde but still make them as a faction with the Golden Horde faction flag? Genghis Khan and Ogadai Khan were still in Asia when they sent a “small” portion of their army on a scouting mission to Eastern Europe. Maybe they can be led by two non-royal generals that can act as faction leaders on behalf of the Khan: General Jebei Noyon and General Subadai Bahadur? Thanks for any response I get.

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    Bowzer, I'm going to move this to the Dungeon forum. You'll get a much better and probably faster answer there.
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