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Thread: Famous Defeats against AI Vol II

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    ok if you want to read my first post it is in the jousting fields.. i know i know wrong thread. but here is a second general question :-

    anyone care to talk about their most embarassing Defeats? (not victories - i mean the ones you DON'T want to talk about)

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    yeah, OK... here's one...

    so i'm in one of my first campaigns, pretty far along (had already taken ~75% of Japan with the Mori)... i've got this 4-star general with a very experienced, yet beshambled, army... rather than beef up the existing troops, i decide to just put the general in a new army i had been developing in Shinano, i think (max armour, max weapons upgrades)... looked really good on the campaign map, but when i took them into battle against another 4-star Useugi army (smaller and less complete than mine), i made an alarming discovery... sure, sure, it all started OK, but as soon as i started taking losses, and the Useugi kept pressing, every single unit BUT my general's turned and ran i mean, mass exodus as quickly as thier feet would carry them... i lost the battle, my general, his entire unit, and even a couple hundred of the other units as they were routed off the battlefiled... that one misjudgement cost me a good 5 years of koku and development... oh well, live and learn...

    lesson learned: though it is desirable to have a general of considerable honour at the head of one's troops, said general my find himself with nothing BUT honour on the battlefield if his men have little or no honour, or at least have not fought with him before


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    You are right. Let's keep it STW. So, here is my STW career:

    In SP: I lost the first campaign that I played as the Shimazu. Defeated by the Imagawa and the Rebels. Nothing special. Only the fact that I underestimated the strenght of Ashi early in the game. Since then, I haven't lost any battle. I had great success using yari cav and horse archers, but I wasn't able to use it in MP.

    In MP: I played only 10 games (v1.02).

    The first one was the best that I did. 1v1 on Iron board. Both side had almost the same army. My opponent had 1 musket while I had one more horse archer. At the end it come down to a duel between the two generals (both heavy cav) and mine die first.

    Except that only one battle, all other are kind of embarassing defeat. I always use the same army for all of my MP: 4 yari sam, 3 sam archers, 2 Wmonks, 2 ND, 2 horse archers, 1 YC, 1 NC and 1 HC as the general.

    The 2nd one was probably the worst and could be my most embarrasing defeat. I forgot to deploy my army in a 3v3 game and end up in total chaos (3v3 on Iron board). I charged without consulting my allies and was wiped out in less than 3 minutes without causing any noticable damage to my opponent.

    The last 5: I was consecutively defeated 5 times by the same army in the same night by the same person. 6 yari sam, 2 ashi, 6 muskets and 2 yari cav. It effectively ended my MP carreer. Got my nickname "sprinter" since then.

    That's all I could remember about my MP STW.

    My MTW career, I'll find a proper place for it

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    Wasnt this thread supposed to be for Shogun not Medieval?
    "The good fighters of the old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat and then waited for an opportunity to defeat the enemy." - Sun Tzu

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    Most embarrasing defeat: When, after having had the game for several months I replayed the final battle in the tutorial and lost.

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    Had a friend pop round and was showing him what was taking up my time at the moment. Did one of the Historical battles cant remember the name but it was against black with snow and hills that you start off at the bottom of. Well I put it on expert for the first time after playing mostly on Hard and ......well proceded to get my ass kicked. 43 killed to my dead of about 400. Did not know what to say as my men streamed back in a rout.
    Once more unto the breach dear friends, let us fill it up with our English dead.


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