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Thread: two interesting discoveries -- at least for me

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    1. When you click on “Auto-Resolve Battle,” the program apparently only takes numbers and unit honor into account when deciding who is given the victory. I know this because just now I managed to sweep the entire map building nothing but archers (having proven to myself in Custom Battle that, despite the warnings of the game’s manual, they are really are almost as good as YS or YA in hand-to-hand--all other things being equal--and frequently better, since their arrows have softened the enemy up before actual melee engagement. Hence why build YS, YA, or spear dojos at all?). Well, I thought that toward the end of the game, I would be forced to fight every battle personally and shrewdly, since the enemy troops by then are so varied and have much more powerful troop types. Not so. I clarify this because I have read on this board—I forget where—that troop type and variety were one of the factors the program considers when deciding who wins an auto-resolve (the idea that if your army’s more diversified, you’ve a greater chance of success). That is definitely not true. Sheer numbers and honor are all that seem to matter. (BTW, doing a campaign with archers only turned out to be the easiest campaign so far, though I was preparing for it to be the most difficult. It seems that by having to focus only on the production of archers and the buildings that produce and improve them, I was rarely broke. And by Winter 1540 there were only rebels left! A new record for me!)

    2. I forget where I read this, too, but some here have asserted that the program considers Christianity and loyalty separately, at least when calculating the chances of a revolt in one of your provinces. This also is false. In one of my games (on “normal”) I converted to Chrisitanity as soon as possible, building churches and cathedrals as soon as I was able. About a decade later (1555) there was only one rebel province left, and all of Japan was 100% Christian. For the sake of entertainment (a bored daimyo means a cruel daimyo), I decided to raise taxes to punitive (125%), just to provoke some rebellions, since I knew my clan had a good 90 years left on earth to whiddle away their time. Imagine my surprise when, after 90 years of punitive taxes, nobody revolted! Apparently 100% Christian makes your people either stupid or docile, regardless of the quality of your governance, because every year I was getting that “your people revere you” prompt and loyalty in no province ever dipped below 138%! So I guess after the recent post on Christianity, I have found another reason to accept the cross: once your people have converted, you can apparently raise taxes permanently as high as you want across the board with impunity. Whatever you do, though, just don't build a Buddhist temple at that point.

    I write this, of course, only for those of you who didn’t know it already.

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    Don't know about the assertion that 100% christian = no revolts, but if you say so

    If you want to fight rebellions try switching religions back and forth. As a christian build a'll react just as if you built a Church in a Buddhist domain. I do this often, well I used to when I played the campaign!

    BTW, after you build the Cathedral you will continue to receive Church tithes even after switching back to Buddhism
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