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Thread: Boihemonds Outremer mod

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    i noted your mention of no copy of your Outremer mod for download from the Org,
    the only copy i have is marked as a Beta version,

    if you have an updated version please give me the link and I will endeavour to rectify the situation.

    Beta files page at 3D
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    Barocca, I uploaded the file a couple of days ago, because when my interest was re-aroused by Grells 1st Crusade mod, I couldn't find my own file in the downloads section.

    The mod has been fully playable since the day I released it as beta, with no problems reported to me whatsoever. It was marked as beta because initially I had plans to release it together with detailed historical background in the campaign selection screen, because I wanted to make more factions available, and because I wanted to further balance the gameplay. Now I don't think I am going to work on it further before I have VI, even then it's with a big question mark.

    It would be very nice if you put it on the download page, though there seemt to be much better Outremer mods coming out now, it'd only be a waste of the time I spent with the mod.

    My mods can also be downloaded from:


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