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Thread: Who Demands a Patch????

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    This community seems like losing a valuable member. Eventhough I'm quite new in this community and know Ugly Elmo less than most I can see that this is quite a big loss.

    I believe there are also more valuable people who are silently losing interest in this game more and more each day like Kocmoc. I believe there will be more people who stops playing MP in the future.

    I love the game in general, but I think a few bugs needs to be corrected immediately as these bugs IMO are definitely ruining the MP fun. I'll write in order of importance what bugs need to be corrected in my opinion.

    1. Cavalry swipe through bug definitely needs to be fixed. As many of you know, when cavalry is ordered to run behind a unit and if its flag has a clear run path, the cav. that touches infantry swipes whatever comes in front and routs the unit quite easily. As more and more people are using this bug everyday, less and less fun becomes MP. This bug almost causes any charge 8 value valor 0 cavalry to rout any high valor non-spear infantry (even anti cav. ones like JHI and CFK). This needs to be corrected immediately. Cav. simply needs to stop running if its run path is intercepted by enemy (not only the unit flag's path, but also if any individual unit in a cav. is intercepted the whole unit should stop)

    2. Units need to have a maximum width limitation (for example 3 lines deep for cav.) The charge value of thin lines of cavalry is awesome in this game, and I find it quite unrealistic. Similiarly some high charge value infantry's charge is too effective when used in thin lines.

    3. You know when someone quits in a 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 before routing, the game may crash. This is a bad bug, and needs correcting.

    Maybe what I wrote in no. 2 needs a major programming change and therefore quite not possible. If this is the case I won't insist on it. But the other 2 needs immediate correction IMO.

    What do you think?

    P.S. Feel free to add bugs need to be corrected.

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    Well there is that splitted lobby bug, that -ian option left to work (i'd like to have it available to replays though), and it seems that there is some issue about fatigue.

    I think it is too early to make demands about changing certain unit, morale and florin size balances since there have been no single opinion about it... Nice seeing there are so many different playstyles and the reflecting opinions on gamemechanics because of that, though

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    I don't know if thin cav. line is considered when balancing the game but "swipe bug" was definitely not considered. I can't remember which one but in a previous topic a dev. has admitted that this is a bug. With the swipe through bug, balance is ruined, cavalry becomes too strong, without doubt much more powerful than v1.1's cav superiority. And correcting it has nothing to do with changing the unit.

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    at the moment we dont know what changes to make balance wise, but there are certainly plenty of game bugs that need fixing. If we get a patch for balancing later on, then yes lets have one to fix the bugs but i think we will be lucky ... or we WILL be UNlucky and only get one in total so we have to wait till we know more about unit balance

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    i think we definetly need a patch for the "swipe bug" and the long single lines as well as the foyer issue so come on c.a get your fingers out and give me the game i paid for without these "bugs"
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    Hi Kanuni and others.

    I agree with most u say and all those gamecrashing stuff should be fixed to. It is understandable that a player that is routed first thing in a 4 vs 4 sometimes dont want to watch the whole battle, the player should be able to leave the game without causing the game to crash which sadly is the common effect today.

    One thing i do not totally agree with is ur idea on a limitation of unit width. If i want my cav (or inf) in a single line i should be able to have that as it is today. BUT that line should be fragile and get penalties when charging and being charged. For instance a cav unit in 4 lines should sweep through a single line cav (or inf no matter there weapons) easily braking its formation totally and prolly routing it in an instant. Afterall charging should be mainly about weight, speed and momentum.

    So to sum it up penalties for units charging/fighing in very thin formation and/or bonus for units charging/ fighting these thin units.

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