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    Quote[/b] ]Could a Moderator please move this post to the appropriate thread in the Dungeon please, as i am not yet able to post there

    My Lords,

    This is my first post to the the thread as i had exceedingly annoying problems signing up to the org, but i beleive we are all acquainted through some emails i have sent under my other pseudonym.

    I have come up with a couple of ideas for the mod, all of which, i am afraid, are beyond my meagre modding abilities. I would be interested to hear your opinions on the ideas (ie are they actually possible/desirable?) and maybe they will make an appearance in v1.9 (i am anxiously anticipating the release of 1.8 any day now, i cant wait)

    Anyhoo, my ideas:
    1. Would it be possible to change the Crusade piece to enable us to muster larger armies in the campaign? This would also allow us to march through allied lands.

    2. Maybe there could be some sort of generic militia unit to replace peasants?

    3. Would it be possible to change the turn length from a year to a season? I have heard somewhere that someone had managed to mod the game to do this, and i think this might be particularly useful in the Nap Mod considering the length of the Napoleonic Wars (depending on if you count from 1792 or 1803)

    Please dont think i am trying to give you extra work I appreciate only too well the work that must be going into this mod (is this your most ambitious project to date?)and it appears to me you are really breaking new ground in modding. These are just a few ideas i came up with and i am not even sure if they are possible, although i do think they would be beneficial. I am always available for a good brain picking if you need any historical information or the like, as my modding skills (in fact most skills with a comp) are somewhat limited. Once again, thank you for creating this mod.

    I am, my Lords, your obedient servant
    Abandon all hope.

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