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Thread: Greatest Victory ever (140 vs 1300)

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    Hi, I'm back.

    Just got around to playing Warlord Edition recently. Some nice changes, but...

    Due to a stunning confluence of the stars, I scored my greatest victory ever against the AI. I had around 140 troops, while the AI had over 1300! But I am not that pleased.

    I had three half-assed units - two archers, one taisho yari cav, as well as four healthy units of BN, honour ZERO. Somehow this great general managed to get them trapped in Yamashiro, the Emperor's backyard by a horde of Oda. He invaded, with 300plus calvary.

    THe province also revolted. A full complement of ronin ashigaru, archers and a few yari Sam! OVer 900!

    Well. So I put my main units on a hill, and set my BN around for some ambush. I was stumbling around in the forests, looking for the ronin when suddenly they found themselves in a big bunch of enemy soldiers. Without me asking them to attack, the BN just slaughtered those in their path and the ashi just routed. I chased them into the next group, and suddenly "Enemy Taisho has been killed" and the entire ronin ashi just ran straight off the map. Sometimes during this the ronin archers were firing but they cant hit BN worth a damn. I quickly hand to hand them off and even the yari sam took off fast enough. Er, is BN overpowered, I thought.

    So I gathered them and charged them at ODa's cav. Surrounding by screaming horses, these BN broke the will of even cav! and chased them off the map. Unbelievable, the taisho was killed very fast as well too. The shattered cav ran off and the BN nearly kept pace with their speed!

    So, pls try to convince me BN is not potentially game-upsetting.

    After this battle, I automically resovled constant attacks on the province. At least one other horde of ronins, pls groups of ODa.

    The BNs held on for at least anther four rounds of attacks.


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    In my experience, the BN are no match whatsoever for cavalry.

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    From the description of the battle, your very lucky indeed. MOST of the time, enemy cavalry will decimate BN's, except for Cav Archers. Cav Archers fall VERY quickly to BN in my experience. The reason your BN were able to do so well is due to the fact that the enemy generals fell so quickly - this created a huge morale loss for the respective armies - and forcing them into morale checks. In doing so, one group failed - setting off the chain reaction that you were able to take advantage of.

    BN are extremely effective - but do not expect to pull off victories like this often - especially when your opponent (being AI or a real person) uses cavalry effectively. Yari Cav, Naginata Cav and Heavy Cav all will decimate a BN group quickly under all but the most unfavorable conditions.


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    I recently asked about whether people were sure cav. were any good against BN as I tried and got slaughtered. I think that if you have several units the moral drop frightens off any cav units. If it's 1 on 1 the cav. will win but with multiple BN they never lose (unless stupid odds!)

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    I changes my battle ninjas' speed from 18 to 16, and lowered the armor down to 3 from 4.


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