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Thread: What's new in VI ?

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    Well, first let me excuse me if this question has been already posted.
    But I looked carefully in the Main Hall and the Entrance Hall, and could not find it. Same after a search on "Viking Invasions". So I dediced to ask. Here is my question :

    What is new in VI ?
    I know there is a new campaign set in British Islands, with Viking Invasions.
    I know there is a bug that makes all people dying after their 40th turn in game (the "56 years-old bug").
    It seems that generals do age, but seems that it's not a default option.
    I know also vaguely some other things (flaming arrows, boiling oil, that there is new buildings and units, that there is a new pre-battle screen...).

    But what I would really like to know is exactly what are all the upgrades and differences between VI and MTW standard. All the little details.
    So if anyone could answer this, I would be in his debt

    Oh, and a last thing... I knew the VI expansion was coming. Still, it seems that Activision had a VERY weak support for it, because I did not see anywhere in stores (I'm in France, so it's perhaps the time they localize it). If I did not came here, I would not even know that it was already released. Is this normal that it's so hard to get ? I'm living in a 600 000 inhabitants-large city, so it's not really like if I was in a forgotten place...

    Thanks in advance
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    Well I know some of our Turkish friends had great difficulty in getting hold of a legit copy.

    New features - building upgrades are now IN your castle, so if you are besieged then break out, they aren't all destroyed. Castle besiegers take casualties every year due to disease, hunger etc. Forces the besieger to assault rather than wait it out. New units in the MTW campaign. The AI is now much better at builiding fleets. Theres slightly better info management.

    All in all, its well worth having - APART from the bugs and the apparant lack of a patch to fix them
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