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    Is it just me,or when you play single player,Late start every inqusitor in all of Europe descends on you area to begin mudering your generals? I mean I had 7 in Wessex alone on one turn I cannot kill them off fast enough Any thoughts or ideas on this out there?

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    I have had the same problem, what annoys me especially is the inquisitor can often get to a general inside one of my stacks but I cant get my inquisitors inside the AIs stacks.

    I cant think of a decent solution though but eventually they do go and bother someone else.....

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    Ok two ways really.

    One is to mod the inquisition out of the game. Remove the build requirements for inquisitors in your crusaders_unit_prod11.txt file. Also remove them as starting units in late.txt in your startpos dir. Take a look in the Dungeon for various guides and FAQS on this.

    The second is to ensure you have decent generals and build a lot of assasins to kill inquisitors. Also build a lot of bishops because their presence reduces the chances of a sucessful inquisition.

    Think thats about it

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    As far as the inquisitionors making asassinations in the middle of your stacks is due to the fact that the AI assigned the asassination before you merged a stack together. I have done this plenty of times you assign an asassination on a low rank general to get your level up on the asassins but once assigned it doesnt matter how far in the stack they hide they are dead or at least your asassin is lol
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