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Thread: Reverse engineering?

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    Hello All,

    I have not posted here for some time, why? because of the lack of patches that would be made without paying for VI to get one.

    I was sneaking past the games section of my local shop, and the VI was tempting me all the time, however, i decided to come here and check the status first.......WHEW

    The 56 bug is a killer, and i hate to say it, but i told you so.... This Company has gone right down the drain with satisfying customers, and the Modders have been the main people to keep it alive(thank you all).

    I certainly won't buy VI with this, or any bug, hey im not going to pay for a bugged patch am i?

    And naturally they can stick Rome whatever its called where they want it, not really interested in Old Roman times anyway, let alone a bugged piece of garbage but.......

    Im still intrigued with MTW and even VI, yes even that......

    Thats why i want to ask someone in the know something....

    Is it possible if we could replace a new File in VI that contains bugged Generals and Kings/heirs/pets with the old file in MTW? perhaps a little reverse engineering?

    Anyways, i hope this or something else besides a cheat can produce the effects desired that the mighty CA/Activision cannot provide(loved the 96 hour answer method, LOL).

    If this is possible, could someone please email me at to tell me it can be done, as i do not get online a great deal these days except check email.

    Thanks in advance, and good luck to everyone here
    give it a shot....

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    The 56 bug is hardly major (just adds a bit of a challenge, and people didn't live long anyway), and it works far better than most games when they are first released. I mean how many patches has HL had?

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    HL? I needed the patch for the patched patch so I could patch the unpatched patched patch And in the end, CS didn't work

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    To answer your question, no, it can't be fixed by replacing files as it is hardcoded. The bug happens because normal generals now have a career span of 40 years, then they die and relinquish command to their deputy, who's got mostly the same stats as the old general. This was intended to create some realism and to kill off the 200 year old members of the royal family (which is another reason why the bug is so feared now, you will have no more ancestoral royal blood left to get you out of a tight spot if you dont have an heir). Now, unfortunately, this 40 year life span also affects the royal heirs and the king himself, since they are naturally generals. And since they start comamnding a unit at age 16, you can do the match for yourself..
    The only current workaround is to use the cheatcode .unfreeze. if you find that your king has no male heirs/younger brothers at age 39.
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