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Thread: Keeping the community alive and well.

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    Hi guys

    Well here we are with the final version of the patch about to go Beta and a new game in the pipe line for next year. With that in mind and now I have nearly finished some of my other projects I want to turn a bit more of my time back to supporting the community. So any of you who want to organise some more tournaments should let me know, so I can organise some more support and prizes etc. Also I will be putting a Medieval Total War resource kit together for the webmasters, for release in late December. Any other ideas for interviews etc let me know. We could even try and organise a company Vs fans tourney for the start of next year?!

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    Perhaps there could be a question and answer session with a senior representative answering all the queries that many people have here.


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    There is a fan run campaign at i reckon it would be a nice gesture if the winning clan/clan-members and also ronins were to be awarded a prize Say i dunno free copies of Medieval Totalwar and the chance to beta test it...

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    Ah!! the campaign tourney is great! Despite inital hiccups due to players being unfamiliar to the rules, things are progressing well. Rules are being refined as game progress, and I think the gamemasters learns alot from the mistakes of previous campaign.

    If this tourney goes well, it will add lots of merits to STW-MI and future Total Wars, and in generally generate much more interest in Total War communities.

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    Company v lordted teee heeehhe

    But i am glad to see you are coming to visit and keeping us up dated on good news.

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    nice to hear....

    i hope i can speak about.....we wolves will
    organise a tourney...

    when the patch arrives and we did some tests....

    ...just an info...


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    You are welcome, Shôgun-dono, and I do not doubt the community is pleased to see you.

    As for the question session thing, I haven't noticed all that many queries lately... But if there indeed are those, a more hands-on event might provide Erado-sama a welcome respite from all those Question Times. (I imagine he will soon appear to prove he is tireless... )

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    Oh I wouldn't mind much. If you've done it a few times it's not as much work as you think it is... Interviews can be arranged as well. A small list of who's who in CA and what they do, one victim every two weeks, people post their Q's for that person in here or in a form and we shove them in their mailbox.

    Anyway, I made some more suggestions in the community forum, CTRL-C CTRL-V:

    Quote Well,

    For starters it's very good that you can spend some more time on the community.

    Yes, I am actually thinking of hosting a tournament. It's been a long time since we had one. Will let you all know what I have in mind soon.

    A company vs community tourney would be cool. In fact, I more or less challenged some of your staff already. Would be interested to see how your in-depth knowledge of the game mechanics would fare against our hundreds of competitive battles experience. BUT DON"T USE ANY INTERNAL CHEATS YOU GUYS HAVE NEVER TOLD US ABOUT!!!!

    A resource kit is very welcome, together with some more news of what Mediaeval will be all about. We still have only that one article to go on.

    Maybe combine that with the suggestion you make about interviews. I remember that some time ago there was a developers diary on, where all the all the staff members presented themselves and told a bit about what they were doing in development. A big plus would also be a developers section in the forum. Maybe even a separate forum where you guys could give us updates on how you're doing (ok, without giving away all the secrets...). On the Il2 forum the developers had a weekly update, where they showed some more graphics they were working on and posted news about which planes would be in the game and more stuff like that. Maybe you could try and get something like that going.[/QUOTE]
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    Well, to beat a dead horse, some attention to the mod sector of the community would be welcome..

    *puts on a fake smiley face*


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    hi erado,

    some iI2 guy/girl approached me on icq, is that to be trusted? i didnt added him/her to my list...

    i think a prize for the campaign would be a bad idea, first it will just put -more- stress on it. and second teh prize is that you participate and eventually perhaps win.

    i would be more interested in a
    - good web building pack soon
    - better structured log file in stw2
    - a battlerecorder
    - and teh possibilty to field broken down units, so 30 archers, 47 hcav. that would make us more flexible in making own things.

    furthermore, my Khan challenged the developers several times but it stayed unanswered. but like in online games, u cant escape a wolf so eventually he will be knocking on your door....

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    :: little red riding hood, grandma::
    :: ho, commin dear ::

    and so on...

    my Khans famous quote here

    "Before we slaugther you (developers) in battle, we herd you around like cattle"

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