Oh man, let me tell you I couldnt have been luckier in VI the past two times I've attacked.

The Vikings attacked me but I fended them off, the Mercians ended out alliance. The Welsh kept it and so did The Scots, the Northumbrians canceld our treaty aswell.

A few years later the Mercians ask for an alliance gain, Pft, I accepted and waited 10 years, after those 10 years I attack a province directyl in front of me, and guess what? CAn you say cival war? Yup the Mercians were split right down the middle and I hit one of the rebellion provinces. I let them duke it out and cleaned up the mess. Up North the Northumbrains swooped in and picked of a couple provinces as did the Welsh.

More peace, the Vikings tried to capture the Scots but the Welsh and myself came in and lifted the siege. My ships go around in a "U" so I can go anywhere and the Northumbrains decide to attack me. I lost 0 ships to their 3 and the war was on Right before I am about to attack...Cival War Ya a second one So I took 2 provinces to my right and 1 directly north. Above that their are 2 provines with 99 rebels in each, yup took those aswell. The Welsh even got in and took the remaining provinces to the left of me.

I like the Welsh I wish I didnt have to kill em all soon