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Thread: Whats the Green General Switch?

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    Ya uh I heard about this switch in a discussion about general's ding, does it make it so you get a whole new general with all new stats? Why is that good? I mean u built a 9 star general he dies and a 1 star takes over...that would be like..sucky, lol
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    Normally, when a general dies, his replacement is identical except for his picture and name. Green Generals switch changes it so that upon the death of a general, his replacement is not as apt. IIRC, his command goes down by two, and he possibly loses some V&Vs (I don't use the tag).

    To enable green generals, go to your MTW folder, create a new shortcut for Medieval_TW.exe, righ-click on the shortcut, select properties, select the shortcut tab from the top, and add the following line to the 'Target' field:

    X:\Medieval\Medieval_TW.exe -green_generals

    double-click on the shortcut and your generals will now degrade upon their deaths.

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    I guess it'd make things a lot more pleasing to the eye, as you wouldn't expect the person taking over to be a replica of his predecessor. On the other side of the coin all that time spent building up your general's V&Vs and command stats. Hmm ............tough decision.

    Still good decision to make it an option to the gamer

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    I always play with the switch activated. It's really nice, because inactive generals get punished that way, so now you don't see so many 9 star Byzantine or Spanish generals anymore. As far as I have observed, they lose only one star though, and each general's command time is 40 years/turns, so seeing a 9 star general isn't a common sight anymore.
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