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    One thing I liked in MTW were the historical battles and campaigns, they offered a nice diversion from normal play. I hope they are added again to RTW. ONe thing I'd like to see is some of thme playable from both sides, maybe not the campaigns, but the battles at least (like the scottish ones, but maybe the AI wouldn't be good enough to put up a credible fight with the scots).

    Here's some suggestions for the devs, hopefully some other people will add better ones since I'm not much of an ancient scholar:

    Illiad campaign - Series of battles around troy, 3-4 major greek factions could be represented independantly. Make some heroes like Achilles and Hector badass units.

    Greek v persian campaign - Battle of salamis (actually, I dunno if naval battles will be 3d in this game..I hope they are tho ), battle of Marathon, battle where those few hundred spartans held off thousands of persians.

    Alexander the great campaign - duhh

    Egyption campaign - Don't know much about ancient egyption military history, but I think Ramses II or III was pretty active.

    Hannibal campaign - duh

    PLenty of roman campaign options

    Really looking forward to this game, keep up the good work boys .

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    Historical battles are gonna be in the game ont sure about scots tho, were they even around then
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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (Stormer @ July 05 2003,21:51)]Historical battles are gonna be in the game ont sure about scots tho, were they even around then
    Only in Hibernia (Ireland) maybe

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    dont forget that historical campaigns need to be in the rome total war time frame aswell, alot of the ones you suggested are earlier which we will propably see in an exp or something

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    i seem to recall reading that in the historical battles the AI will atempt to match the manuveres of the actual generals. should prove to be fun if its actually true

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    I'd like to see any of these scenarios:

    The 2nd Punic War
    Marius vs. the Cimbri and Tuetones
    The Gallic Wars
    Caesar vs. Pompey
    Octavian vs. Marc Antony
    The Jewish Revolt
    The Boudiccan Revolt

    The last 2 come after game's timeframe but not too long after.

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    Seutonius's Lusitanians (Spanish), Celtiberan and Roman exiles vs Pompey and other Romans in the Sullan civil war would be an interesting mix.

    Also Magnesia (Seleucids) and Cynocephalae & Pydna (Macedonians)

    The Phyrric campaigns are a little early, and may involve a different style of legion (Princepes possibly with thrusting spears rather than pila), but would be good.

    Caesar getting defeated by the Numidians (I forget the name of the battle - he glosses over it quickly in his "African War")

    Naked Gallic fanatics at Telamon in 225BC - the campaign for that would be fascinating - the Gauls defeated 1 (or 2?) Roman armies before becoming surrounded and having to face 2 ways on the day of battle

    And hte not-quite-so-fanatic Galatians in Turkey in 189BC.

    Also "The Elphant Battle" - I forget the date, but a small Seleucid army with 16 elephants defeats a much larger Galatian one - the Elephants were hidden in a gully IIRC (I kid you not&#33, and defeated the Gallic chariots, which disordered their infantry and they were crushed by teh rest of the army.

    Raphia - the monstrous battle between 2 pike based armies in 217 - the same year as Cannae.

    Ohhhh...there's LOTS of scope

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    Battle of Actium - provided we can fight with ships and board on enemies's ship and and and

    Magnesia - an interesting heavy weight clash - new kid in Asia versus the one of the more established sucessors of Alexander.

    If Harkonarson's battle between the Seleucids and Galatians has something for us to learn, that is that CA should give us STEALTH ELEPHANTS

    Crosses fingers for STEALTH ELEPHANTS*
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    What about Spartacus?
    I would love to see him walk all over Italy again and again. Maybe even go against history and let him conquer Rome or get to Sicily.
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    I believe they're actually putting a Spartacus mini-campaign in. Think the Viking era from VI.
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    Aquae Sextiae: Invasion of Rome by 'barbarian' tribes (Teutones and Cimbri), ultimately crushed by Marius (or was it Sulla? No, I think Marius) after they had rampaged through Gaul. A fun, short campaign where you either try to stop the barbarians or try to sack Rome.

    Teutoberger Wald: Germans annihilate three Roman legions in the forest. Brought an end to Roman plans of taking Germany. Play as Romans and try to subdue Germany, or as Germans and try to repel the invasion. For several years afterwards, the Roman emperor was said to have wandered the halls of the imperial palace moaning, "Quintilius Varus (the roman commander), give me back my legions"

    Invasion of Gaul and Britain. Be Caesar. Nuff said.

    Rise of Philip of Macedon (alexander's father): Can you take out the Illyrians and Thracians while keeping the Greeks and Persians at bay, in order to make Macedon a nations capable of conquering the world?
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