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Thread: Armies moving on their own

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    I think I have a few times in MTW. I havent been able to determine for sure cause none of them were my main armies which I pay most attention too, and all occured relatively late into games when I had a massive empire and many lesser armies. But Im almost sure I saw an army with my standard moving in between turns a few times... i think they all were expert level games, in case that has any part to play. I didnt check the loyalty or v+vs of army leaders I thought were involved.

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    It depends...


    Huh? Sounds weird...
    Are you sure it hasn't been one of the following:
    1. You ordered the army to move to a province it cannot reach in a single turn. It will continue to move towards it every time you click end turn.
    2. When placed in the province, the armies will sometimes adjust their position within it, since they tend to gravitate towards a certain point in the province (something similar to j'adoube in chess).

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    I've heard the AI move your armies into the sea just before they invade. I'm sure that isn't a urban legend.

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    It must be the imfamous Ghost Warriors...soldiers who have fallen from grace, forced to forever march around Europe on an endless campaign at the command of the Devil.
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