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    Hi folks I would have liked to have posted this to the Dungeon, but here goes. I'm quite a long way through a Lord of the Rings mod and have introduced custom maps (eg. Helm's Deep) successfully into the campaign game by using a few missing terrain type maps in the general maps group and setting the terrain types in startpos accordingly.
    For most battles this works fine, however when it comes to actually seiging the castle (fortress) at Helm's Deep, the game goes off to look for a general castle map and at the moment misses all my attempts at making it choose my custom map. In the startpos file there is a line for a special castle map labelled setcastlemap. Whenever I uncomment this line and place my maps details the game it refuses to recognise my campaign at the front-end. This is a copy of the line I have used, what am I doing wrong? Anyone?

    SetCastleMap:: ID_CONSTANTINOPLE 0 helmsdeep 1 helmsdeep 2 helmsdeep 3 helmsdeep 4 helmsdeep 5 helmsdeep 6 helmsdeep 7 helmsdeep 8 helmsdeep 9 helmsdeep 10 helmsdeep 11 helmsdeep 12 helmsdeep 13 helmsdeep

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    Welcome to the Org, Earendil Finfarfin. It is a pleasure to have a (half?) member of the Noldor amongst us.

    I posted a request for help in the Dungeon forum in the LotR mod topic you can find here. I'm sure one of them will stop by and answer your question. BTW, check out the topic and look at some of the work they've done. It is really amazing stuff
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    Thanks Gregoshi from the house of Finarfin and the Noldor. Guess you now know why my modding often fails I've been seeing what the guys are doing over at the LOTR mod and I think its really great. My own mod, which I started in the early days of Lukmap deciphering, has gone in a different direction to the project they are doing but I watch with glee as I think many others do. I'm not sure whether or not mine will ever get to completion (there is so so much work), but thats probably not why I'm doing it; us 'Finarfins' just like to mess a bit and hey, one day..who knows Not had much luck yet with answers to my problem but I thinked I've cracked it; that little specify map group number in region attributes will probably turn out to be the 'get around'. But I'd still like to know how to use the 'setcastlemap' line after all its there for that purpose....looks so easy yet its still baffling me. Cheers all.

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    Hi Earendil Finarfin

    Why dont you drop into our development forum (link in my sig) and perhaps we can all give each other ideas.

    Maybe we can share with each other solutions to problems that we all face and ways of getting around certain issues.

    Have you done any unit graphics yet?

    What about your camp map, can we see what it looks like? many questions

    Just drop in some time.
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    Doesn't seem to be used, sorry.

    The parser supports SetCastleId, but it looks like the format it supports is different from what you can see in that commented-out line anyway, and it stashes the data somewhere which is then never used.

    I guess we were intending some system for specific maps for specific maps for famous historical cities, which didn't make it into the final version...
    Gil ~ CA

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    shhesh gil, its cause you didnt have me making maps for you

    lets see if you want any help on rome
    Llew Cadeyrn/Alrowan - Chieftain of Clan Raven


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