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    bah I had the time limit all set up, but for one reason or another it stoped working, this is how I have it set up-------->


    SetStartDate:: 1087
    SetGameEndDate:: 1234
    SetPeriod:: EARLY
    SetEarlyPeriodStartDate:: 1087
    SetHighPeriodStartDate:: 1205
    SetLatePeriodStartDate:: 1321


    just like it should be {I think} can some one direct me as to what i missed? *note* I havn't decided what date to put I just put in 9999 when I try it*/note* I looked at time limts from my other posted topic but didn't see what I missed.

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    Virus, since you can now post in the Dungeon, I'm moving your topic over there. You'll get better response there than here in the EH.
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