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Thread: Should the legacy continue?

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    I'm sure this'll get moved to Off-topic soon but I don't know if most of the poeple who've read friendly fire look in off-topic, I don't much, so I've bunged it in here.

    SO. Should the legacy of Agador and co. continue? Should there be another 8 episodes? Vanya want's to know if there is a market/following so that s/he doesn't waste lot's of time writing more. If you don't know what I'm on about then vote yes then go and read friendly fire thread and all will become clear (and I promise you wont want to change your vote).

    Another idea Vanya came up with is uploading his 'novel' as a PDF for easier reading (and less modem costs!), if this is a popular idea then say so.

    SO. Yea or... nope, no one's going to say anything else

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    They can follow the link. To OT!

    See it there.
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