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Thread: New info on expansion!!!

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    Wow, this should be awesome! It will have a multiplayer campaign, six new units, and an editor. Check it out.

    Let the battles begin!

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    Possibly the most contrived interview in the history of the internet, but a good find none the less, thanks redemption!

    New units: Kensai (sword saints), Battlefield Ninja, Korean Auxiliary Infantry, and the Mongol Cavalry.

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    So I register in this forum to clear the misconception:

    It's not a game expansion set, fellas. It's EA pulling out another "Sim City 3000 Unlimited" again. CA reworked the full game, add goodies and EA repackage it like something new.

    In other words, it's will be an almost full-priced game ($35 most likely). It's not an expansion where you could get them $30 at most (basing from AOK:Conquerer MSRP). I hope there are discounts for owners of the original, but basing on EA's history there's a possibilty that they won't give us that luxury.


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