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    Gah! Playing a single player campaign (MI edition) as Hojo, I'd wiped out half of the enemy Daimyo and held most of Northern Japan, and the southern-most island. Suddenly I got major rebellions going off all over the place - even in Sagami, my home province, that had never been in enemy hands.

    I had a reasonable number of shinobi and border forts in place, the enemy Daimyo hadn't been using shinobi or ninja that much, I hadn't converted to christianity or even dealt with the portugese, didn't touch the tax rate, anything, in fact that I think would have set off that sort of unrest.

    The only possibility was that I had just taken Kaga and Wakasa - I'd expect some trouble from Kaga (specialist in WM) from the Ikko Ikki, but why did i get rebellions from one end of japan to the other? Will enemy Daimyo use the 'ten shinobi in one province tactic?'

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    Hmmmm shit happens in this game mate so the boarder forts are wise ideas along with sninobis. Keep some shinobis in provinces your economy is based on. The best way is to check the loyalty rate and see what provinces are about to revolt and send men there. Also try changing the taxes. If there is uprising reducing the taxes would be a nice idea. Well in real life l would kill the trouble-makers but hey this is a game

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    Yer, dont u forget to buid border forts, i got 3 of my heir got killed by some lousy Ninja, heir ranked from 3-4 !!! bastard !!!!

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    yeah, increased border forts and shinobi stopped it happening again, but I'd never seen such co-ordinated and widespread rebellions before - I guess the AI is sneakier than I thought.
    Made him pay later though... heh heh heh


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