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Thread: Back in the fold!

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    Well it's taken a while but I've finally fixed my Shogun tech problems (details in the apothecary under 'Quick question on DX9' ) and I'm back in the Shogun fold

    I didn't post here in the old days but I've been reading since 2000. I always loved the Shogun feel of the org back then. I spend hours reading all the topics and I learned so much. :sigh: What nostalgia. Now I've got my Shogun avatar, my org membership and my functioning game I'm going to make up for lost time. I just wish the sword dojo wasn't such a pale reflection of its former self.

    Anyway apart from saying hello I've got a couple of questions.
    1. Is there a Shogun equivalent to the Gnome editor? I never really liked the Kensai so I'd like to remove their build requirements, taking them out of the campaign game. I'd also like to alter the mine complex so it can be built without a fortress; something I always felt made the complex to expensive and awkward to be worth it.
    2. Is there a good unit stat list for the Mongol Invasion anywhere? I've got my old, well-used copy of the Prima guide which lists the Shogun unit stats but I never found a good list of the MI unit stats.

    Since this is a celebration free drinks all round , have some cake or popcorn or both

    Now I've got a campaign to plan, once I finish my Spanish Medieval campaign. Hm, then again that campaign was getting boring. I think I'll play a Shimazu campaign, just like my first successful campaign all those years ago...
    :Froggy runs off and digs out her hand drawn paper map of the Shogun world and starts planning the conquest of Japan while grinning like a maniac:
    Frogbeastegg's Guide to Total War: Shogun II. Please note that the guide is not up-to-date for the latest patch.

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    Hi Froggy
    So you are able to write up a 85,000+ signs MTW manual and don't even get basic STW stats ? What a pity ..

    1/ In Shoggy AFAIK the only moddable things are troop stats : but these are very simple, edit the troops.txt file and put what you want in
    Get the statswapper proggy in the D/L section to be able to keep MP-usable set in addition to your own.

    Modding buildings and all construction stuff looks not possible, anyway noone did it ... I tried to see how I could disable Geishas from the game (maybe kensais also ), found nothing... Hardcoded I suppose

    2/ Stats for Mongols should be in the same file above...

    That's funny, I've reinstalled STW/WE and restarted Japan campaigning a few days ago, just after I get MTW in fact

    However my last attempt failed : as Hojo I wanted to bite more than I could chew, conquered Musashi and Kai in the 2 first game turns, then bought Rebs, but finally my short-lived empire crumbled when I ran out of funds, then a revolt occured, some Rebels invaded , then Uesugi drove me out of Musashi, I killed him, but his faction was inherited by Takeda
    I ended up with my 2 poor starting provinces, no money, a pitiful army, and surrounded by Takeda with thrice more troops than I had, all this in less than 2 years
    I gave up, I have to readjust to Shoggy management and forget about getting 10,000 a turn ...

    What a game ...Enjoy

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    Im disappointed by the fact that the STW stats are of a completely different format to those of MTW, and also the fact that you cannot retexture the BIF files, or can you?

    If you wanna see some cool STW/MTW modding go here

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    Welcome back Froggy Glad you could return to where it all started. Dust of the laquered armor, sharpen your katana,and get to conquering girl

    I am a disciple The master has noticed me :P

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    I knew you would find a way to get back to STW

    Its surprising me how much slower the games play in STW to MTW. Have fun and if your free for some MP let us know.

    Once more unto the breach dear friends, let us fill it up with our English dead.


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