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Thread: i need a key code

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    can some one help me. i really need a key code. i wanna play but my friend lost his key code. he gave me his game without the key code. if ne one will let me us theirs only for single player i would mush appreciate it. e-mail me.

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    Oh my. Well I can supply the first 15 digits of mine if you want.

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    LOL so let me get this straight... YOU want to play but your FRIEND lost his keycode...and u only want it so u can play sp right.. ok heres something more valuable to you than a keycode lol its called advice...don't measure others intelligence by your own.You would have to be a complete imbecile to not only ask what u have asked but an even bigger one to actually hand over the keycode.
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    Black Razor,
    It is against the .org's policies to allow the posting of keycodes. If you have a legitimate version of the game, the Keycode will be found on the back of the CD case. If for some reason the case is lost, I suggest that you contact EA directly, and request they provide you with another code. To ensure the originality of the cd, they may require you to send in the original CD1 - and then send you another one or return yours after verifying that it is not an illegal burn. If you are unwilling or unable to provide the original cd, then neither EA nor anyone on the .org forum will be able to assist you. Best of luck.

    As to moderators - all forums are moderated to insure that such topics as these do not proliferate. Expect this thread to be closed as soon as a Moderator sees it.

    Also - your need to cross post this topic leads to an increase in the suspicion that your game is less than legal. While you may just be totally new to the ways of honorable forums, it makes you look suspicious. Try reading the forum regulations concerning such issues before posting requests that will obviously not be honored.

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    a key code huh?

    lessee what have i got here...
    T768 - my house key...
    ITG23 - my car key...
    FT7 - the wifes car key...

    nope - can't help - contact EA for a replacement CD-Key...
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    The code is:

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