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    Well Naginata sure are alot tougher now.Better morole so dont get as march these guys hard they so do a fine job at holding positions long anothe for u to sneak around the flanks!
    But im still not keen on them,as i like my army to have speed...Did i say speed?Im getting to old,think i move as fast as a naginata:P
    Do these units have a enemy to fear?

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    Yes - Naginata infantry have their counter - and that is gunpowder units. While heavily armored - they cannot stand against guns, nor are they fast enough to close the distance and start a melee where they would have a (distinct) advantage. Their lack of speed means they will take terrible casualties if they attempt to close, and are extremely likely to rout because of this.

    You are correct that they can hold a line like no other unit while in melee. While they do not have an overwhelming attack, they are ideal for "face" pinning a unit so that they cannot rotate to deal with a flanker. With the proper orders (Hold position and Hold formation), these units can stand against any melee unit for a very long time, often winning battles against shock troops by 2/1 or better.

    Slow, but powerful. Tanks of the Sengoku Jidai. They are not the troop for the rusher, nor for the one who wishes lightening strikes from far afield. They are for the tactician who understands that the concentration of force, when brought to bear, is unstoppable.


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