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Thread: A strange lil bug

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    I'v noticed that if my Taisho unit is pulled in two, say by a building or in a messy fight where the back end is fighting one unit and the front end is fighting another. If I move my POV between the two halfs and look at one half of the unit the Taisho is there. When I turn around and look at the other half the Taisho flag is there too. SO which one is it?? Its pretty important when your worried bout your taisho dyeing.

    "I maintain none the less that Yin-Yang Dualism can be overcome.With sufficent enlightment,we can give substance to any distinction:Mind without body,north without south,pleasure without pain.Renember,enlightment is a function of will power,not of physical strength."-Shang-ji Yang,essays on mind and matter.
    I maintain none the less that Yin-Yang Dualism can be overcome. With sufficent enlightment, we can give substance to any distinction: Mind without body, north without south, pleasure without pain. Renember, enlightment is a function of will power, not of physical strength.- Shang-ji Yang

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    the funny thing is that the taisho banner (the little gold standard) isn't carried by a man or anything, it just sits there on its own. so it doesn't represent a particular man or person in particular, it just marks the unit, to whatever point of view you happen to be looking from.

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    I noticed something related to this in an online game. I observed a taisho unit with maybe 60 men stretched into a single line, and saw the taisho banner at both ends of the unit. When the unit lost a few men, the second banner dissappeared.

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