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Thread: legendary swordsman event

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    Does anybody know what triggers the legendary swordsman event? I've been playing as clan shimazu on hard and its taking a long time...

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    One of your warriors has to go from 0 to 3 or {4 honour}... or kill about 7 -> 15 men. The caveat being that he survives

    Routing men don't count.
    The higher the honour the opponents the more honour kills you get.

    An opposing rank 2 general should be honour rank 3 so by killing him you should jump straight to rank 3 and trigger the event.

    So to trigger the event find some decent opponents or enemy general (Daimyo are rank 5 so kill him and survive and you will always trigger the event) and kill them before they rout.

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    Another one?

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    My diamo usually goes that in the first battle

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    mine always seems to mow down that archer unit with only the daimyo living on lol, 40-50 kills for the unit , always legendary swordsman


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