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    Just take a deep breath!

    Everyone is running around here talking and arguing about what the expansion is going to cost, rebates and so on.

    NOWHERE in the press release from Anssi, or on the community site does it mention a "STW Gold" or even that this new disk would include the game we already have!

    The ONLY thing it talks about are upgrades and expansions of what we already have. It has officially been called an ADD-ON and an EXPANSION. I suggest that everyone re-read the official release and forget what the gaming magazines are saying. I have NO doubt that they didn't get anything different than Pelit got, or than what Richie posted for yesterday's Honor Day!

    BTW, where the hell did the "Warlords" name come from. Everything I have seen says that the expansion pack will be called "Shogun: Total War, The Mongol Invasion" or something to that effect.

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    The "Warlord" name and most of the info we are basing asumptions on came from the very first English article to break the news (gamers alliance) and this article which was pulled and re-written; initially the sources in these articles put forth that Warlord was the name of the forthcoming release, and more over there discription did (in GA's case does) sound like the original game is augmented rather than it being a stand alone expansion.

    In brief, the honour day which subsequently refered to the product as "The Mongol Invasion Expansion Pack" was not posted until 24 hours after these article so we are kind of palying catch up.

    Obviously we are going to go with the official site and change the name of the forum to "The Mongol Invasion Expansion Pack" + we are looking forward to more accurate details as they are released.

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