Clan Takeda was declineing the first daimyo was a strong leader but was killed in battle after honorably attacking the state right of Kozuke.Now Shingen at 35 years of age took over the clan.Building up a huge army of pure yuri samurai of very high honor began expansion but by time he was ready the other clans were too strong he now watched as the clan fell to pieces.In a atempt to kill off the heir of the uesugi clan Uesugi Kenshin he led his own army to Totomi there he fought a army of pure archers of high honor and two units of high honored yuri samurai the battle was long but Shingen was killed by Kenshin himself and the Takeda army retreated the clan was taken over by Shingen's sun who was 25 he was a weak daimyo and the clan fell to pieces Kai was the last to fall.

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