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    1. What is the quickest way to get a unit to do an about-face on the battlefield, while maintaining the exact same position? I’m aware that I can click and drag, repositioning them facing the other way around, but is there also a keyboard shortcut? I seem to remember reading that there was.

    2. The “teleporting daimyo” phenomenon has me stumped. When your daimyo dies and his heir takes over, is there any way of predicting where the replacement’s gonna appear? For example, when I play with the Hojo, my new daimyo has a habit of showing up in Hizen (my previous daimyo having been comfortably ensconced in Kazusa)! Now, I know he can only appear in a province where there’s a castle, but besides that, is the location random? At first I thought it was my “most-developed” province, but that’s not true. Then I thought it was my “home province” (where I had my first castle), but that’s not true. Then I thought it was the province with the most recently-built castle, but that’s not true. Then I thought it was the province closest to the province where the previous daimyo had been, but all of this stuff has been disproved! I’m nonplused. Anybody know what determines this?

    3. Lemme get this straight: “archers should be placed two rows deep for maximum effectiveness, since only the first two rows can fire.” We all know that. But what am I seeing? If they’re four rows deep, you’re telling me that my archers in the back are so stupid (or are such bad shots) that they’ll shoot their buddies in the first two rows? Is that what I’m seeing here?

    4. Sometimes when I storm a castle, the AI has its archers positioned in a semicircle facing the castle’s entrance. Neato! How do I get my archers to assume this position?

    5. What’s hard on “expert” in the battlefield? I have played all levels many times, but so far I have noticed only a difference in difficulty on the Strategy Map, and that mostly involves reduced Koku and the enemy’s ability to violate rules of production. But obviously it goes deeper than that, since when you mold a custom battle, there is no Strategy Map element, yet you are asked to choose a difficulty level. So theoretically, something’s happening on the battlefield itself. Anybody have any idea what that could be? The AI certainly doesn’t seem any shrewder there…

    6. Is a besieged castle more likely to fall more quickly that it otherwise would if you stuff that province with 100’s of troops? Or will it fall just as fast when there’s only 50 guys laying siege to the castle?

    7. The “Casual Key Guide” on the back of the manual says that with the “0” key, one can “toggle screen graphics.” Where? How? When? Another error in the manual?

    8. Is it just me, or is anybody else’s “limited ammo” cheat broken? Whether or not there’s a check in that box, my guys always have limited ammo. (I’m playing single-player only.)

    9. Is it my imagination or are Cavalry Archers given more arrows than foot archers?

    10. Regarding agricultural improvements in your provinces, the game’s manual (p. 40) declares that “short-term improvements will negatively affect loyalty in the short term.” Given that much in the manual refers to previous drafts of the game, does anybody know if this is true in the version we have, and if so, why would that be the case?

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    1) Use Alt-Left Click. If you use a select all you can get the whole army forward using the same formation.

    2) Cant say I ever saw it, I havent played the single played mode that much.

    3) No they dont shoot their buddies, row 4 won't shoot at all. Row 3 will fire but its ineffective.

    4) God knows. Strange things occur inside that castles. I havent seen anyone in multiplayer with a semi circle. (But I have had troops line up that way on their own before (on a rare single player game!)

    5) Expert is definately more difficult in a custom battle. The thing is its just not all that difficult, but the computer will be more cunning and use flanking and things on expert.

    6) Dont know

    7) I've pressed it and it didnt work.

    8) If I have the ammo switch on, I have limited ammo. Except those muskets go on and on and...

    9) Yes. They have more room to carry them. They are on horses after all.

    10) Perhaps this is the case because the programing has been written to accomadate for the fact that there is a drop in labour (i.e. someone has to build it) and a drop in koku (i.e. someone has to pay for it)

    Some of these are merely speculation.. Thanks for listening


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    2. The Daimyo stays where he is already, unless he is in a province without a castle. Remember - the future Daimyo already exists before he succeeds as Daimyo. For example, lets say the old Daimyo is in Yamato province and his heir is in Owari. The old Daimyo dies and the heir becomes Daimyo. If there is a castle in Owari, he will stay there. If not, he moves to another province with a castle (presumably the nearest available province).

    6. No

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    2. I think the new daimyo is coronated in the castle that is furthest to the left. It is something similiar to when heirs come of age. They always lead the first unit created after their 16th birthday. If their are more than one unit created that turn, the one trained in the province furthest to the left will be chosen for the heir.

    An example would be for Takeda. The new daimyo would always be coronated in Aki over Kai if those were the only two castles you had. If Takeda Shingen were to come of age when you were training a Yari Ashigaru in Aki and a Yari Cavalry unit in Kai, Shingen would lead the Yari Ashigaru trained in Aki.

    5. The AI units are also given an honor bonus at hard and expert levels. They don't fight smarter, they fight harder.


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    4. The AI sets up that way (while you're scrolling around viewing) but sets up to a more conventional formation once the game starts. Which means you can't use that formation.

    6. Amount of men doesn't make a difference.

    8. The cheat isn't a real cheat. It doesn't exist. cheater.

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    6. Bear in mind that if you leave a puny besieging force then the defending troops will probably sally from the castle and slaughter them, especially if the enemy general is of a high rank and you have the latest patch installed. If the circumstances are reversed then you do not want too many defenders (they will starve too quickly) but need enough to cause decent amounts of casualties if the attacker trie to storm you.

    "Put 'em in blue coats, put 'em in red coats, the bastards will run all the same!"
    "Put 'em in blue coats, put 'em in red coats, the bastards will run all the same!"

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