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Thread: The Great Chaos...

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    ********** CHAOS NEEDS YOU **************

    The Ranks of the Host Of Chaos have seen some upheaval lately. Not suprising that original clan is finding itself a little thinner than before.

    So at this time for a limited time only its doors are open to new or old players looking to join the legions of one of the most infamous clans ever created.

    Many have tried to bring us to our knees, from outside and within. To me that says that we must have something they want. Do you want to find out what that something is?

    Join the infamous Sly, Ieyasu, Hilly, Shadow and Eradosan amongst others to bring honour to yourself and the honour of chaos.

    Any member bearing the name Chaotic will be willing to talk to you online and test your mettle.

    We hope to see you there.

    Host Of Chaos (THoC)

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    Discussion moved to Clan Recruitment.


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