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    1 thing i have noticed in custom battles is breaking points for units.
    At what points do units rout eg how many men left etc.
    I know u vets out there will know when and how to break them
    So how many units u gotta kill till they rout.I know will be different for each unit at different honor etc

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    The "rout" decision - or more properly termed - morale failure - occurs when a unit feels that it has no hope of survival or success if it continues to fight, and thus routs in an attempt to save the lives of those remaining men.

    There is not a single "point" at which a unit with specific stats will fail. Simply put, its a conglomeration of factors - friendly units nearby, flanks covered and supported, number & type of enemy troops, speed that casualties are taken, type of ranged fire taken, etc. If you take a unit and have it drop - say 35% of its total manpower under one volley of arrows/gunfire, its very likely it will immediately break and run. If you have a unit locked in even combat and then is flanked or reared by a high-power attacker that it cannot face, then again - it will break quickly. Tactical positioning (friendly AND enemy) has ALOT to do with morale.

    As you can see - there is no "simple" answer. The biggest morale breakers - losing your general, having enemy units in/on/near your flank or rear, having other (friendly) samurai units rout near or thru the unit, and being under Heavy ranged attack - especially from guns. Others are height, lack of support, outnumbered heavily, etc...

    Hope this helps!

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