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Thread: Difference between full and recommended install...

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    I played on the partial (recommended) install for a couple of months. Recently took the whole game off and reloaded the full install.

    The only difference seems to be the throne room, which is cool the first dozen times I saw it, but drags the game down after the coolness wears off (with exception to access to the total map). So what gives? Is that it?

    Also how can I be sure that I'm running with the patch that I thought I installed?

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    you probably won't be running with the patch (I think) It tells you which version you are running in the menu screens. The difference is firstly the throne room as you discovered, and secondly that the videos are all instaled on the hard drive. Both these will then run somewhat faster, and you won't need to use CD2, (which if you have fmv and throneroom turned off you don't need anyway). Basically if you've got the drive space you might as well have the full install. If you're pushed for space tgo for the recommended.

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