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Thread: New poll - results of last poll inc.

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    Another poll has ended with the following interesting results out of 623 total votes.
    Which unit do you despise most?
    1st - Guns (141 votes - 23%)
    2nd - Yari Ashigaru (140 votes - 22%)
    3rd - Ninja (88 votes - 14%)

    The Yari Samurai came last (11 votes - 12%) showing that most like this unit. (I don't... )

    Remember that all the poll archives can be accessed here.

    New poll is up with the title:
    Which is your favourite clan?


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    course ..the yari are the mainstray of a samurai army
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    Quote Originally posted by Vlad The Impaler:
    course ..the yari are the mainstray of a samurai army [/QUOTE]

    Uh Oh lets hope yama didnt see this post. I will say what he would have/will do in simple terms.

    In the Sengoku Jidai era (real) there were never Yari Samurai. Only Ashigaru carried this unit in mass. One or two or the noble samurai mayhave liked the weapon, but it wa not the most commonly used weapon by samurai. I don't know why CA put tht uni in because of its fictioness(word?) but they did. I agree i is a welcome unit to use. Very versatile for a number of jobs, but simply not a real unit. (not that armies consisted of unis except for ashi,samurai,and cav tended to stick together.) Just adding my thoughts

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    whoops i said carried this unit, i meant weapon!

    EDIT: I have been correctd, yari samurai were present, but were not common. Talk to Yama on the subject if youare interested!
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    i love the yari samurai, bets unit there is, all around

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    It seems that hereby i ll have to clarify the composition of sengoku armies :-)

    First of all, as stated in the game and in the books, the yari weapon was the development of a warfare based on the mounted charge PRIOR to engagement during the feudal japan (presengoku) it is evident that answers the possibility to defense and to attack on even basis even if u have no cavalry of ur own bc the yari will kill horses before charge comes to contact.

    Therefore, the samurai was armed with yari, and these were the most numerous infantry samurai bc the yari was given to the LOWEST in ranking among the samurai caste. Of course that is bc yari doesnt need a particular proficiency to hold or to brace or to set butt.
    Indeed, that is also the reason why yari was also given to ashigaru (who couldn't have a sword, being it a caste bestowing only belonging to ashigaru with a sword in his hands was slain according to the laws, ashi in fact, couldn't carry swords.)

    Therefore, the yari as WEAPON was the mainstay, but this was in the hands of ASHIGARU troops, THEY were the mainstay of sengoku armies.
    It is evident that in battles of 50.000 and more men, u can't expect them to be all samurai :-) but surely u don't know that they were sooooooooo few alrdy in this period!

    Another info might be clarifying. These are the compositions of yehasus battlegroups in sekigahara battle:

    out of 3000 men :
    420 cavalry (officers, all samurai)
    1200 gunners (all ashigaru)
    850 yari troops (80% ashigaru units)
    200 archers (ashigaru)
    330 non specified weapons

    out of 2000 men : (2nd army typology)

    700 guns
    550 guns
    450 varying weapons

    So thats' about history of the period. and thats obviously arcadish to think u can have 4 monks and 4 guns :-) in sengoku.


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    I agree Yamaga. I would go so far as to say that the yari was the principal weapon of samurai also, regardless of rank. The ashigaru were evolving into low ranking samurai at this time because they were so numerous and crucial.

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