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    I'm sorry....i just can't stand the craziness anymore...out of all the things that have been asked for in patches.....has no one even begun to think about this.........JOINT ATTACKS!!!! For the Single Player like gotta Peep this, yesterday, I'm playing a long campaign with the Shimzau, got 3/4 of Japan under my control, it's 1607 and Tokugawa Ieyasu is looking like a perfect target for my next attack. So I'm in Owari with my Daiymo, and decide it's time to strike. He has over 1,000 troops, and so do I, so i know its gonna be an uphill battle, i can't remmeber the province name, but it's next to totomi and has a bridge. So anyway, next thing I know, the Hojo, who is the second largest and strongest daiymo on the field decides to send an army to help me. He has over 1,000 men also. So the stage is set, my army is setup across the bridge, while the Hojo army starts off right across from the Imagawa. I wait for the Hojo and Imagawa to clash first, and then I give the signal, hundreds and hundreds of Heavy and Yari Cavalry ride forth and flank the Imagawa from behind....what follows is complete chaos.....the Imagawa Army completey crumbles and my daiymo flanks the Tokugawa and his personal unit, the battle is long, and very hard fought, but he falls and his armies completely give up, chased off the battlefield by the allied Shimazu and Hojo forces...i felt i owed Hojo a debt of gratitiude, i could have won without his aid, but it was a completely selfless act and his troops swayed the battle heavily in my favor. So, i ask ALL SHOGUN PATCH DEVELOPERS to read this.........please incorporate joint attacks into this game. I can tell you exactly how to set it up. After making an alliance with a Daiymo, send an emissary to request aid in a province adjacent to the both of you. Now no one is going to help for nothing, so you can offer a Koku amount to pay for the aid. I mean picture it. You are Clan Takeda, you desperately need to eliminate the Hojo horde, and you ally with Uegesi. A few months later, an Uegesi emissary comes to you asking for military aid in taking over a Hojo say of course!!...if you'll give me X amount of koku. If the computer agrees and it's not an outrageous amount, then you'll get koku for military aid. You win in both ways, because you have hurt the Hojo military, strecthed the Uegesi thin, so you can easily take the province at a later time, and made maybe 2000 koku, to be paid in supplements over months at a time. That's a hell of an addition to an already great game. And with you and the computer both proposing joint attacks, it'll spice things up having betrayals in battle, I pay Hojo to attack the rebel province with me, we rout them off the field, and then they turn on me in battle!!! Please, everyone, Magyar, tereawaza, EVERYONE back me on this.......this has been ignored for far too long.


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    Tell me,do you play Civ,because this idea sounds very Civilization-esque.But thats a good thing,I love the idea.If you play a custom battle you can have allies on the field,so that parts already in the game.I doubt it chould be a patch,it should be put into the expansion.Diplomacy is something extremely lacking in Shogun,then again,there was very little diplomacy in the Sengoku period.

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    I maintain none the less that Yin-Yang Dualism can be overcome. With sufficent enlightment, we can give substance to any distinction: Mind without body, north without south, pleasure without pain. Renember, enlightment is a function of will power, not of physical strength.- Shang-ji Yang

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    It's not Civilization, it's civilized. This is how high-end "political-level" strategy games, like Master of Orion, do things. But STW is primarily about war, and apparently the devs didn't feel the need to "complicate" the strategy map thing any more than was necessary to fight a Total War.

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