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Thread: restoring unit to former glory? pls help

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    I have read almost the entire manual.. it does not mention anything about htis.... theres a cost to retrain in the unit stats if the unit has lost men.... how do you pay this to reinforce the unit there must be a way... what do u need to take advantage of this cost?

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    This is the way to retrain units. The province the unit is in must be able to produce that province. (i.e., if you want to restore an archer unit to full strength, you must have an archery dojo in the province). Then, open the unit training screen. Now, click the unit you want to retrain (or the army that unit is in). Along the bottom of the screen, you see little square white pictures of the units in that army. Click and drag on the unit you want to retrain, and drag it into the train unit queue. The next turn it comes out at full strenght, with any honor/sword/armor bonuses that province gives.

    Hope that's clear enough.

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    You can also take advantage of armor/weapon/discipline upgrades, even there isn't a relevant dojo in the province - at no cost! Just goes to show there is such a thing as a free lunch.

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    yeah! when I play Oda I set up the legendary armoury and legendary swordsmith.. and units I train in Ise (monks) or Owari (ashigaru), I send to Iga, retrain them for FREE, and voila! Free weapons and armour.

    If you play Uesugi, the little island up north is HEAVEN sent. Every archer you make, give it full armour and full weapon upgrade and those archers will beat the crap out of anything that doesnt have higher honour than them


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