I like really a lot STW-WE, it's one of the best strategy wargames I have ever seen. However there is one detail that I find regretable: the flags of the Portuguese trading posts and Portuguese ships are the spanish flags. This is as accurate as having, for examplr, a 19th century US flag with the union jack (UK flag), or a 18th century dutch flag as the spanish or german flag.
Is there any chance of seing this historical error corrected on a next patch?

All the best

PS: The Portuguese flag in 1495-1557 is all white with the portuguese shield in the cen-tre. We can find them, for example,
for the 1495-1557 period: www.fotw.ca/images/p/pt-1495.html
and 1557-1640 period www.fotw.ca/images/p/pt-1573.html