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    Hello all,

    I've heard rumours that an official campaign/scenario editor will soon be available?

    Any truth to this?


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    We don't need one.

    Our unofficial editors (don't search for official sources in terms of editing stuff, except the map editor of MI) have already created one and revised it to perfection more than once.

    Download it here:

    A full collection of custom campaigns can be found here:

    And for all the editing plethora your heart may wish, our files section is the most full and comprehensive:

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    Yep a lot better than Their downloads section is almost pathetic.

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    That's great thank you!!

    I also noticed in the manual:

    "You can create Mongol units in a non-Mongol Invasion campaign, or create Mongols units to be owned by Japanese clans in a Mongol Invasion campaign. However I have not tested these scenarios thoroughly and I cannot guarantee what will happen".

    Any information as to whether this has been tested yet?



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    The good folk around the Editing forum will probably be better able to answer your questions, so I'll just move this thread there.
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