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Thread: An amazing battle...

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    It is said that in a battle good troops matter. Well I'm gonna talk about a battle which I won with not a very much superior army in honor. In these following battle I'm going to relate a battle totally agains the odds dispite I had better quality troops.

    Without further ado I'll start with the story.
    I was playing with Oda when rebels invaded a province I had conquered after Mori was wiped out and since I was attacking other provinces I couldn't spare any more troops.
    The province was Bitchu (river province) so I had a little advantage but my defending army 216 and his attaking army 989.
    I commanded 60 Samurai Archers, 49 Naginata (legendary weapons & armour), 60 Warrior Monks and 37 No - Dachi Samurai all with superior weapons and improved armour.
    I couldn't remember his units stats but I can tell what they were consisted of. A group of Naginata Cavalrymen, 60 No - Dachi Samurai, 60 Cavalry Archers and the rest, up to 989 Yari Samurai & Ashigaru.
    I can assure you that the superiority & honour bonus was recieved from the defending status & weapons since both generals were rank 0.
    So, I put my Naginata in front of the bridge and other troops close by, Archers redy to fire, but he charges with his Naginata Cavalrymen, so I have to go get the monks and No - Dachi. After a very high kill ratio, at my side of the bridge there was a sea of Yari Samurai, my army was beggining to turn into nothing as none of them wavered, when he charged with his taishio. When he got in front of my troops I commanded every troop to kill the taishio. And after a while he died and the entire army of about 450 - 500 men began to rout leaving me to chase them with only 17 No - Dachi, 10 Warrior Monks, 14 Naginata, and of course 60 Samurai Archers (with taishio). So I charged with every troop, but I found myself in the incapability of killing much of them after they routed. Some of them tried to regroup but as my troops got to them they wavered. The Naginata were way behind and the others managed to ruot regouping troops. Also the Archers were way behind as they crossed the bridge last.

    It's funny though to see a sea of enemy troops routing and your troops in souch little numbers, almost looking swallowed by the ones of the enemy, rampaging throught the battle field. It's like an elephant beeing scared of a mouse.
    My very tired and exhausted achieved a well deserved victory.

    If you'd like to add any comments, just write below.
    If you have simillar stories feel free to write them in this topic.

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    now thats a useful post
    Well Shogun will be the last Total War game for James unless he gets a PC - monkian

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    lol, u the man...


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    Indeed, in real life the attackers would see what small numbers the defenders were and swarm across and push them back, but since this isnt real life, human morals are not taken into consideration.

    But a sterling performance none the less well done.

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    gud story

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