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Thread: new unit icons

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    the expansion is supposed to be getting 4 new units.
    a) battlefield ninja
    b) kensai
    c) korean infantry
    d) mongol cavalry

    for those that have seen the screenshot with the 16 units icons on the bottom of the screen.

    going from left to right,

    icons 9 and 10 are obviously battlefield ninja

    icon 11 is probably kensai

    by default, icon 13 is probably korean infantry

    why no icon for mongol cavalry? unless mongol cav will look identical to cav archers or will just be an elite version of cav archers?
    i.e. mongol cav start out 2 honor points higher than japanese cav units or something like that.

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    What's Kensai?
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    Kensai is Sword Saint, an exceptionally rare and highly-skilled swordsman.

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    #11 seems to be a Kensai, even if he doesn't quite resemble the popular impression of Miyamoto Musashi.

    I'm a bit sceptical as to #13 being a Korean unit. After all, bear in mind that the army in the image is a *Japanese* army; why would they fight alongside Mongols and their levies? And the unit icon is a somewhat heavily armored man, carrying a sword that looks like a meat cleaver.

    More likely (IMO, of course) #13 is a unit we haven't heard of yet. After all, they promised six new units, and so far, we only know the names of four...

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    I recall there was 6 units advertised as new. Perhaps the 'Mongol cavalry' will be split into light and heavy cavalry units, with the light providing standoff capabilities and the heavy being the shock troops.

    Maybe there will also be two flavors of koreans...

    Does anybody know more?

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    dunno how they do the mongol cav?

    lightcav, shocktroops and elite Keshin

    or lightcav, medium cav (mixed troops) and heavy cav

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    my first thought was: did naginata get a new icon? seems unlikely?

    IMO the ideas above are wrong they just didn't want to give it all away.
    I mean elite Korean or mixed Cav just aren't in the spirit of the game

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