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Thread: Hello again. I need an update...

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    Hi everyone who remembers me from the good old days. I've been away from this forum recently with the influx of new people but I thought that I ought to come back now as this expansion is coming out.

    Can anyone give a quick overview? There's been a lot of confusion about it.

    Also, when I was on the board a few months ago there was a debate on the next total war game it was 'confirmed' that it was going to be a roman thing but now I hear it is going to be Napoleonic era. Any news on that?

    Good to be back.

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    Try reading a few posts.
    That's it.

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    Welcome back, Iron Duke.

    Just in case you didn't know, Magyr Kahn has finally taken over control of the world, and forced CA/DT to make a special add-on just for him - Mongol Invasion. Magyar's great grand daddy, Kublai, is rampaging across the country, and a few other features. He got the developers to make this for him so he can kick all of our butts even more using his own personal game pieces. The biggest part of the whole debate is whether or not we (people who already HAVE Shogun) should have to pay for a whole new game, or just wait an extra month for mail-order. Other dabates involve the new unit types, new dojo types, and other new feratures. Not really Total War 2, so much as the Shogun Gold (or Warlord) Edition. In all truth, the Kahn has honestly racked up more than 1000 victories, making him UberCool by BBoard standards. With this add-on, it's all gone to his head. Oh, did I say that?? No! Really, sir, I didn't mea-

    * thwack! * thud * splat*

    -- B)

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    Everything we know about the expansion can be found in the threads "EVERYONE READ THIS NOW!!!" and "What the expansion really is". They're both threads I started. Funny, that. The rest is speculation that's pretty much all over the place right now; it's not possible to make a concise presentation of it.

    TW2 is still unconfirmed. AFAIK nobody knows anything.

    And welcome back, Duke Wellington, even though we haven't actually met previously.

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